Logos Publications (Manila, Philippines)

Logos Publications, is a religious book publishing house owned and administered by the members of the Society of the Divine Word as one of their media outfit to assist their religious work of spreading the Word of God through modern channels. It began its operation mainly as a printing outlet exclusively for the members of the Society of the Divine Word. When it later expanded, it begun to accept the works of non-member authors.

Being the publishing arm of the Divine Word Missionaries whose work centers on the preaching of the Word of God, Logos Publications Inc. shares in the religious work of spreading the Good News of Salvation through the printed media such as books, and audio-visual materials. 

Logos traces its roots from the commercial success of the pre-war Catholic Trade School of Manila as the main printing house of the area and a reliable printer and publisher of many catholic materials needed by the growing Christian population. Lately, the printing press was closed and only the publishing house remained. 

From its beginning to the present, Logos Publications keeps is administrative office at Catholic Trade Building, Sta Cruz Manila, Philippines.

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