Thanksgiving Mass

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  1. Good read Father Orbos! Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking forward to read the reflections you do and share everyday! God Bless you more Father….

  2. Yes Lord to forgive is never easy..yet we can make it difficultly possible through your loving kindness and love for us in dying on the cross..the difficultly possible will eventually be easily possible.

  3. Thank you Fr. Jerry. I have been your follower since I’ve known you from Sunday TV Mass. Your wisdom guides me.

  4. Amen! a blessed week ahead of us! pls include me in all your prayer. Im facing a lot of problems God bless us all.

  5. so blessed to read all of these they gave me Spiritual enlightenment and I share these to are in need. God bless father Orbos.

  6. I am one person who easily gets angry. But because of years of learning the Word of God… im am slowly by God’s grace seeing myself as being changed. Like in todays Gospel in Matthew 5:21-25 whoever is angry wd his brother will be liable to judgement…:” Whoever says u fool will be liable to fiery Gehenna. Therefore f u bring ur gift….:” be reconciled wd ur bro….” Now God’s Word easily convicts me. Im now a more forgiving person and know how to accept when i am wrong & ask forgiveness too from those who may have hurt me.