Letters to a Young Married Couples


Letters to a Young Married Couples

Practical Wisdom and Guidance For the Newly Married by Kathy F Hasty

Every newly wed couple can benefit from the wisdom and experience of a longer-married friend who can walk with them through their joyous and challenging first years together. Pastoral Minister Kathy Hasty is just such a friend.

And in these letters — rooted deeply in church teaching and her own thirty years of married life — Kathy speaks from her heart about everything from balance and priorities and secrets worth knowing, to fun and intimacy, acceptance of one another, children, fighting affair, and welcoming God into the mystery of your marriage.

Reassuring, friendly, and full of wise, practical suggestions, this lovely book makes a perfect gift to help couples discover the gifts God longs to give them as their love unfolds.

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In this insightful guide to married life, Kathy Hasty addresses a wide range of practical concerns and offers responses that are leavened with profound spiritual insights, laced with delightful sense of humour, and offered utterly without judgement. Written as a series of short letters to newlyweds, followed by a helpful prompts for discussion, this book provides a wonderful resource for couples wishing to grow in their marriage.

Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology at Boston College and the Author of A Daring Promise: A Spirituality of Christian Marriage.

About the Author

Kathy F Hasty, MA has been married to her husband Terry for nearly 35 years and they have two grown children. Active in Ministry to engaged and married couple, she has a heart for helping couples grow in their married love.

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