About us

Who we are?

Verbum Bible is religious publishing organisation based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo established by the Divine Word Missionaries (in latin Societas Verbi Divini or SVD) for the translation of the Bible into African languages and for the publication and distribution of pastoral, liturgical and biblical materials needed by the local Churches of Africa in their work of evangelization.

Logo of Editorial Verbum Bible

Verbum Bible is currently headed by Fr Xene Sanchez, SVD as the Director General and by Br Richard Horowski, SVD as the Vice-Director General. Verbum Bible has a branch in Madagascar with Fr Krzysztof Pawlukiewicz, SVD as Local Director.

While Verbum Bible is a long-time member of the Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF), it is presently elected at the executive committee.

Vision and Mission

Verbum Bible sees itself as a book publishing organization committed to the work of evangelization by offering affordable Bibles and other biblical, spiritual, theological, catechetical and pastoral materials of superior quality in affordable price.

Verbum Bible responds to the desires, needs and vision of the local Church to proclaim the Word of God by collaborating with groups and individuals engaged in the work of evangelization such theologians, bible scholars, religious bookstores, diocesan centers for media apostolates, biblical animation and lay formation, and international biblical organizations to publish and distribute Bibles, and biblical, pastoral and liturgical materials so that the Word of God will be available to many in Africa. (SVD Congo, N.a.)

Verbum Bible commits to expand its operation while efficiently using its resources and earnings to sustainably provide Africa with the Bible and biblical, pastoral, and liturgical materials needed for the work of evangelization. (Verbum Bible, 2014-16)

Exhibit of Verbum Bible Publications during its 40th founding anniversary in Kinshasa, Republic Democratic of Congo
Verbum Bible at 40 By Fr Xene Sanchez SVD An Exposition of the Publication Acitivies of Verbum Bible

Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino

Verbum Bible forms part of the Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino organised to promote collaboration and mutual assistance among the publishing organisations in of Divine Word Missionaries.

Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino meets regularly in Estella, Spain to provide updates on respective activities and to deepen and identify new areas of collaboration.

A screenshoot of an online article about the meeting of the Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino in Spain

Divine Word Missionaries in Africa

Logo of the African Zonal Assembly of Divine Word Missionaries in Kinshasa, Congo

Divine Word Missionaries work at present in 16 countries of Africa, namely, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Chad, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Congo-Kinshasa and Angola, and Madagascar.

Divine Word Missionaries of the Congo province lead the administration of Verbum Bible while working in close collaboration with SVD missionaries in other countries to address their needs of biblical and other pastoral materials in their respective evangelisation ministries.

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