Solemnity of Christ the King

Solemnity of Christ the King

CROWN identifies a King. Jesus is a King and he had a crown but one that is made of thorns. Moreover, he is not seated on a throne but is hanging on the cross. If Jesus is a king, he must be different one. Indeed Christ as King is different from the kings we knew in this world in two ways he exercises his Kingship:

FIRST, Jesus exercises his kingship by dying on the cross. That’s nonsense. No wonder, even the thief crucified along with him mocked him. Now, by dying on the cross, Jesus is saying that his kingship is not about prestige and power but of SERVICE. Jesus said, “I did not come to be served but to serve.” This is why Jesus gives his whole self for others, for sinners and for all of us. His kingship is not only SERVICE but also SACRIFICE.

I remember one of the famous acts of our great and well-loved Pres Magsaysay. When he was elected to the Presidency, the first thing he did was to open the gates of Malacanang t oordinary Filipinos and allowed them to come to him without appointment.

What Pres Magsaysay did is similar to the self-giving and sacrifice for others of Jesus. Like Jesus, he gave all his life in the service of others. What a wonderful country would Philippines be have our leaders been like Magsaysay who spend their life in service and in sacrifice for others as Jesus did.

SECOND, Jesus will exercise his kingship not in this world but in the Kingdom he promised for all of us. Although this Kingdom he inaugurated in this world, its final phase is yet to come. In fact, he died on the cross so for all of us to share in this Kingdom. Jesus’ kingship brings life to the full or eternal life. Look at what he promised to the repentant thief: “today you will be with me in paradise.”

I do not want to constantly compare but I cannot help but ask: Are our leaders providing us ways to enjoy our lives, or at least make it comfortable? I am afraid they are rather making our lives miserable. Just recently, the WB has cancelled a million dollar loan to our government because of irregularities in the bidding of contracts. We have become famous for corruption. Because of this, services are hampered and inefficient.

One person that I really admire is Ninoy. Actually, Ninoy did not have any outstanding accomplishment. But he made a great impact in the lives of many Filipinos. For what we did best was to give hope to our suffering people. No wonder, we remember his words: “Filipinos are worth dying for.” That’s why during his funeral hundreds of thousands and even a million joined the procession of his coffin. Eventually, his memory brought us all to EDSA where we won back our freedom. What Ninoy did for us is the same as how Jesus touched and transformed the lives of his disciples and all Christians. By Jesus’ self-sacrifice on the cross, many were able to regain their life and won back their freedom for such is the grace that flowed from the Christ’s wounded side on the cross.

In effect, if we can say that the Kingship of Christ is built on service and sacrifice and leads to the fullness of life, then Christ our King tells us how God who became like us truly loved us. Christ, is the King who made us valuable in the eyes of God. We honor Christ as our King by the kindness and respect we extend to others. For Jesus emphatically says: “Whatever you do to the least of these, you did it to me.” Moreover, in this community, in the very person you bring in this Church, Christ is honored as King for each of us in the Temple of God. God dwells is when we receive him in the Holy Communion. We recognize His presence in each one of us as our presider greets us: “The Lord be with you!” And as we exchange the peace of Christ.” As followers of Jesus, let us make Christ, the king of our lives. Amen.

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