Thursday Week 1 Ordinary Time

First Reading 1 Samuel 4, 1-11

Gospel Reading Mark 1, 40-45

From The Word in other words (2014) by Fr Roberto Alda SVD (Germany)

“Unerwuenscht” is a German word which means unwanted or unwelcomed. People afflicted with leprosy during the time of Jesus were unwanted people. They were considered unclean and worst of all, they were considered sinners–a good-for-nothing group of abominable individuals. To associate oneself with them means risking to become unclean, disgusting and to be avoided by all.

Jesus, the well-known preacher and respected healer, wad confronted with one, and asked if he would help him. Without hesitating, he lent a hand, touched the sick man and healed him, thus welcomed him back to society. Afterwards, the healed man proclaimed to many about the good thing Jesus did to him.

What would you do, if you were approached today by such a leper, or any unwanted individual in society for help? Easy question, isn’t it? But, if we look at our surroundings today, in places where we live, work, and worship, or in schools where we study, or wherever, could we honestly say, all are wanted here in our society? I doubt. I hope, you don’t tell anyone: “You are not welcome here.” Follow Jesus and say instead: “I do, will it;” Feel welcomed.” What an inexpensive and effective therapy indeed.

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