Saturday Week 2 Ordinary Time

Hebrews 9, 2-3, 11-14
Mark 3, 20-21

From The WORD in other words (2018) by Fr Dindo Santiago SVD (Japan)

In Japan, whether at work, in school, at home or even in the churches, weoften hear people repeatedly say, “忙しい! (Isogashii!)” which means, “I am busy!” “忙しい病 (Isogashii-byo)” is the “disease of being too busy.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is shown as having too much work before him, making it impossible for him even to eat. People around him found his actions strange or absurd, and wondering where he could possibly be getting the energy to do all his work.

This attitude of Jesus represents the opposite of what the kanji (Chinese character) for the term Isogashii means. It has two component parts: “忙=心 +亡” — the first character being “heart” and the second one being “death or (the verb) to lose.” It means being engaged in something that pushes oneself to astate where the heart (mind) does not exist properly anymore. In other words, itis a state of being restless, of losing one’s heart, or of having a “dead” heart. Toomuch burden would lead to troubled hearts, as what happens when we are overly busy, when we tend to lose sight of the people around us, be indifferent, and withno more room in our hearts since it is “already too full.”

But Jesus’ heart is full of compassion and mercy. His heart is perfectly alive, and “being busy” is not a problem for him. He certainly does not loseheart, especially for the needy. Let us imitate Jesus, not allowing ourselves to be infected with the Isogashii-byo.

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