Prophets in our time

From Philippine Daily Inquirer Moments (2016)

Based on the Readings of 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C

In today’s Gospel (Lk. 4, 21-30), we learn of how Jesus was allowed to come into the lives of the townspeople as long as He spoke gracious words, and did not, so to speak, make a “deposit” that would disturb their comfort zone and traditions.

In fact, He was popular with the crowds as long as He spoke words that they wanted to hear.

But when He spoke what they needed to hear, they were infuriated; they even threw Him out of their town, and attempted to banish Him forever.

Such is the fate of prophets—those people who speak the truth come what may. Persecution is part of a prophet’s daily toil, and martyrdom is often the end of a prophet’s life.

As we come closer to the May elections and choose our local and national leaders, let us listen hard to what they are saying and what they are not saying.

Let us choose prophets who are not afraid to speak the truth. Let us not choose false prophets who are just out for profit.

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