33 Petitions to Jesus

From VADEMECUM, the SVD Collection of Prayers

L. Jesus, Word of the eternal Father, convert us.

A. Jesus, Son of Mary, make us her worthy children.

L. Jesus, our Master, teach us.

A. Jesus, Prince of Peace, give us inner peace.

L. Jesus, our Refuge, receive us.

A. Jesus, our Shepherd, feed us.

L. Jesus, Model of Patience, inspire us.

A. Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, help us to become like you.

L. Jesus, our Redeemer, save us.

A. Jesus, our God and our All, possess us.

L. Jesus, the true Way, direct us.

A. Jesus, eternal Truth, instruct us.

L. Jesus, Life of the Blessed, make us live in you.

A. Jesus, our Support, strengthen us.

L. Jesus, our Justice, justify us.

A. Jesus, our Mediator with the Father, reconcile us.

L. Jesus, our Physician, heal us.

A. Jesus, our Judge, pardon us.

L. Jesus, our King, govern us.

A. Jesus, our Holiness, make us holy.

L. Jesus, infinite Goodness, let us experience your goodness.

A. Jesus, living Bread from heaven, satisfy us.

L. Jesus, your Father received the lost son, ask him to take us back.

A. Jesus, our Joy and Consolation, refresh us.

L. Jesus, our Helper, assist us.

A. Jesus, Magnet of Love, attract us.

L. Jesus, our Protector, defend us.

A. Jesus, our Hope, give us courage.

L. Jesus, our Love, give us your Spirit.

A. Jesus, Fountain of Life, cleanse and refresh us.

L. Jesus, Victim for our sins, give us the spirit of sacrifice.

A. Jesus, our Goal, let us possess you forever.

L. Jesus, our Glory and our Reward, glorify us and be our only reward.

A. Glory be… As it was…

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