20th Meeting of Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino

Verbum Bible is the 10th member of the group of publishers from different provinces (countries) of the Divine Word Missionaries. Since most of the members of the publishing group are coming from Spanish speaking countries, the addition of Verbum Bible expanded the reach of the group beyond Losophone countries in the American continent to the French and English speaking countries in the African continent.

From Arnoldus Nota (January-February 2019)

From September 27 to October 1, 2018 the annual gathering of Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino (GEVD) in Estella, Spain, took place. Participating were the representatives from the SVD publishing houses and bookstores representing Spain [6], Mexico [2], Costa Rica [2], Colombia, Ecuador, Bo- livia [2], Argentina, Chile [2] and R.D. Congo [Verbum Bible]. Among those present were four lay partners, one each from Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile and Spain. The representatives from USW and Panama who are part of the group could not attend. The Provincial of ESP, Macario Villalon, and the General Coordinator of Biblical Apostolate, Marek Vanus, were in attendance.

Screenshot of the meeting of the Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino at Estella, Spain in 2015

There was space devoted for the reports of the rep- resentatives and sharing of their successes and chal- lenges. Marek Vanus gave a short input on the last SVD General Chapter 2018 and the challenges it imposes for the biblical apostolate, in cooperation with the press apostolate. A special moment with discussions was dedicated to the projects and suggestions for the future, as well as per- sonal meetings within the EVD. After the conclusion of the meeting in Estella the participants proceeded to Barcelona for the Expo “Liber”.

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