Tuesday Week 4 Ordinary Time

From The WORDS in Other Words (2018) by Fr Lino Nicasio SVD (Manila, Philippines)

We are familiar with this situation: we go to the hospital to see a physician; we enter the doctor’s office and see that it is packed with other patients; we go to the receptionist who tells us that we are no. 45 – and it is 9 AM. We wonder if thedoctor can see us before the day is over. . . .

Not so with the Lord Jesus, the Divine Physician: no appointment needed, everyone is welcome anytime. We see this in the Gospel where people in needjust go to Jesus to ask for His help. There’s the synagogue official whosedaughter was dying and who eventually died. Then there was also the womanafflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years, and who approached Jesus silentlyand secretly. Both had their requests granted. How? Why?

First, they regarded Jesus as their only hope: nobody else could help them except Jesus. And the lesson for us? When we pray let us imitate Queen Estherin the Old Testament who, faced with mortal danger – she and the Jews – cried out to the Lord: “Save us by Your power, and come to my aid, for I am alone and have no one but You on whom to depend, O Lord.”

Second, we need to cast away fear and worry, as Jesus tells the official: “Do not be afraid.” We have come to Jesus: He will take charge of the situation. He will definitely help us. Third, we need to trust and have faith in Him: “just have faith.” We trust the surgeon, we trust the driver, we trust the pilot. Why notJesus? Yes indeed, why not Jesus?


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