Praises to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

From the collection of SVD prayers, VADEMECUM

(Prayed during the adoration to the Blessed Sacrement)

L. Let us praise the creative love which impelled the Heart of Jesus to institute the most Holy Eucharist.

A. Be praised, Lord our God, for the enduring love by which you instituted this most holy Sacrament to unite us with you here on earth and in eternity.

L. Be praised for taking bread into your holy and venerable hands, lifting your eyes to your eternal Father, and giving thanks to Him.

A. Be praised for the gift of the Holy Spirit who transforms the bread and wine into your Body and Blood and unites us with you.

L. Be praised, eternal High Priest, for providing in the most Blessed Sacrament a perpetual sacrifice for our salvation and an everlasting covenant with people.

A. Be praised, divine Savior, for the exceeding great mercy by which you invite us to your table to nourish us with your Body and Blood.

L. Be praised, Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament, for you are food on our pilgrim way, the strength of the dying, and the resurrection of the faithful departed.

A. Be praised, Priest and Victim, for remaining with us in the tabernacle.

L. We offer these praises in union with those of Mary, your Mother and ours, with those of the angels and saints, who surround your throne, and with the generous actions and prayers of Holy Church.

A. Be praised and blessed and thanked now and forever, most Holy Sacrament. Amen.

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