Time to Rest

WORD in other Words by Fr Samuel Clarin SVD (Bohol, Philippines)

Saturday Week 4 Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel presents only the introductory part of the multiplication of loaves and it also describes the teachings of Jesus. It is very consoling to note that Jesus is concerned not only of the output or activities of his disciples but also of their right to leisure. Thus, He invites them to rest.

I wrote this gospel reflection at a time when the 84th Renewal Course in Nemi, Rome was about to end. I consider this gospel very relevant to me because I believe, joining and actively participating in the Renewal Course was an invitation for me from Jesus to have a “grand rest.”

Indeed it was a blessing. It gave me an opportunity to look back and reflect on what and how I have done in my ministry. What kind of witnessing have I done in my mission?

It gave me also the opportunity to know deeper the roots of our Society and appreciate more the vision of the Founder. Joining the Renewal Course deepens my love for theSVD and motivates me to faithfully work for the establishment of God’s reignhere on earth.

Resting is a very essential part of a disciple. Jesus is indeed a great formator!

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