God sees the heart

Philippine Daily Inquirer Moments by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

As we journey to God’s heart, let us not conform to the values of this world that put a lot of emphasis on looks, productivity, performance, public opinion and approval. Life is not a show. More rightly, for us, life is all about gaining God’s approval, in and out of season, with or without human applause. Thus, our song is not “I did it my way,” or “I did it as the world wanted me to,” but a firm but gentle “I did it His way.”

The most important lesson about self-importance and self-worth is that they are not that important or worthy. I know of someone who keeps talking about his achievements and wants everyone to know who he was, ready to show all the citations and awards he received. One day I just told him: Who you are is more important than all that you have done or outdone. And, nobody really cares in the end, except those whom you really cared for.

Lord, help us not to place so much value on our achievements and productivity, and remind us that what defines us is not really us, but You.

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