Who is blessed?

Philippine Daily Inquirer Moments by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

The story is told about a man who prayed: “Lord, last year I asked you to give me a fat wallet and a thin waistline. Lord, it will be my birthday again soon. Please don’t get confused, and mix it all up again.”

In today’s Gospel (Lk. 6; 17, 20-26), Jesus must have confused His audience when He said it is the poor, the hungry, the weeping and the persecuted who are blessed. Hello? Isn’t there a mixup somewhere? Nope. The Beatitudes are clear. It is the lowly and the meek who will inherit the earth.

Who is blessed? In the eyes of the world, definitely it is the rich, the well-fed, the satisfied, the powerful who are blessed. If you are one of these favored by worldly blessings, may the Beatitudes remind you that your blessings are not permanent nor forever. This world is passing. Eternity is waiting.

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