From PDI Moments by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

I was in a party once, and I met this guy who kept talking about himself. I was held captive, and did not even have the chance to butt in, so I just kept quiet and wished that the tidal wave would pass. Finally, he noticed my silence (thank God!), and he said: “Father Orbos, what about you? What can you say about me?”

We all have certain childhood issues —like those involving attention, entitlement, authority, trust, and self-worth— which should be resolved through the years. Some succeed in resolving these issues by taking the road of honesty, humility and acceptance. Others never grow up because they stay on the road of denial, pride and rationalization. The former become more loving and free. The latter become more self-centered and are ultimately imprisoned by their selfishness and greed.

The Lenten discipline of fasting and self-denial lead us to become less selfish and less self-centered.  What have you sacrificed?  What have you given up for the Lord? On a positive note, what have you given to others? What good habit have you started?

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