Moments (Philippine Daily Inquirer) by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

There are people who are sticklers for rules and who have high standards. The problem comes when these people become unbending with their rules and impose their standards on other people. They mean well, but the problem with so-called “well-meaning” people is that they can become mean, proud, and uncaring of other people’s thoughts and feelings, and comport themselves thus in God’s name.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Copy that. Amen! Amen! As we say it in Tagalog: “Ang taong mayabang, tinatamaan; ang taong mapagkumbaba, pinagpapala.”

Let us continue to pray for the grace to be humble and honest. Humility is the key and honesty is the road to God’s heart. We all still have much to learn, we all still have much listening to do, and we all still have many miles to go on our journey to God’s heart.

A person on constant “selfie” mode can hardly listen to God and people. Let us continue to pray sincerely for the grace to be less proud and selfish.

Are you a proud and selfish person? Maybe it is because you have unresolved issues in your life. The first issue is about one’s beginnings—i.e., whether you were born rich or poor, where you came from, who you were in the past, whether you were a self-made person, etc.

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