Forgiveness equals wellness

Moments in Philippine Daily Inquirer by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

“Anger does more damage to the vessel in which it is stored than to the vessel in which it is poured.” How true. We have a choice: to forgive and be free, or not to forgive and be angry, stressed and depressed.

Are you an unforgiving person? Are you an exacting person? Maybe you have your reasons, your standards and your expectations. But ask yourself: How many times have I been forgiven by God, without conditions, and without expectations? We can pray: Lord, You have forgiven me so many times. Help me to do likewise.

Think of the worst and most disgusting person(s) in your life right now whom you dislike or even hate so much that you almost wish him/her to die soon, and go to hell to be punished by God. Stop the downslide and level up by offering that person to God. Leave him/her in God’s heart, pray for his/her conversion. Release the matter from your hands, surrender, and let God’s power take over.

To forgive doesn’t mean saying “It did not happen.” Neither does it mean saying “It did not hurt.” To forgive is to say “That which happened, and which hurt, will no longer become a wall between you and me.” By all means let us go for justice, but by all means let us also be open to understanding, mercy and compassion.

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