God’s invitation to be childlike

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Personal Testimonies on the life and power of the Word of God by Gloria Palomar

Last night, for my exhortation, I shared to the cell group my insight relating to the feast of the Presentation of Child Jesus, February 2, 2014.

A little child does not really own anything. He or she is dependent on what his/her parents will give; and he/she is always grateful for everything given by his/her parents. A child doesn’t look at the price of the gift. He/she does not check whether it is expensive or not. He/she appreciates whatever gift is given regardless of its cost.

Just like how my one year old niece, who is just happy when she is given even a one peso candy. I would still have to cut it in half before giving it to her because she might not be able to take the whole candy. Now it is even less than one peso and yet she is greatly happy with what she got. She does not think that it is not an expensive candy. Just the same, eating the candy (cut in half) delights her.

God invites me become childlike. To be joyful and thankful for every gifts and blessings given by God. And to appreciate everything I have in life.

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