Monday Week 8 Ordinary Time 
Sirach 17,19-27
Mark 10,17-27

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Rodel Liguid SVD (Germany)

In life we are presented with a buffet of choices. Today‘s gospel reminds us of  ultimately making the final choice and sticking to it. 

In our life‘s journey, we decide and take a particular direction; we stop, make turns here and there, sometimes abandoning our chosen path in favor of another direction. But time will come when we have to finally choose and decide for that ultimate good and we need to be consistent with this choice.

The faith seeking man in the gospel goes away after the conversation with  Jesus because he realizes he is not yet ready. Maybe he needs to undergo varied experiences to finally find that ultimate good — God himself — felt deep in the heart  despite difficulties.  

God consistently, perseveringly, and lovingly waits for us to one day come back  again (confer the parable of the prodigal son) and be ready to surrender everything to Him. If we need time to think and re-think our options, God will give us this space and time. He wants that when we follow Him and embrace His path, it will be our personal  loving response. Thus, the choice of the ultimate good, who is God himself, will bring out a Christ—like version of us.

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