Prayer for the Triune God’s Blessing

VADEMECUM, Collection of Prayers of Divine Word Missionaries

L. God, heavenly Fatherbless us with the love with which you adopted us as your children.

A. God, eternal Son, bless us through the ineffable kindness of your Sacred Heart, the kindness that made you sacrifice your life that we might live.

L. God, Holy Spirit, bless us through the love that you give to your creatures as the highest of gifts, making us children of God.

A. May the blessing of the holy Trinity fill our hearts and enable us to carry out every good work.

L. May the divine, life-giving love give consolation to those who mourn, comfort to the sick, and the support of grace to all who are in need.

A. May the divine blessing come upon us and all who are dear to us.

L. May the almighty and merciful God bless us, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

A. Amen

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