How to pray

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jun Javines SVD (Philippines)

Tuesday Week 1 Lent
Isaiah 55,10-11
Matthew 6,7-15

Prayer is one of the most talked about topics within religious circles. Books abound on the theme of prayer. Jesus Himself provided pointers on prayer to his followers and apostles; He even taught them how to pray.   

The Gospel conveys to us these guidelines when it comes to prayer: 

1. When praying, it is not about the “time” we give but what we give to the  “time.” Simply put, the quality of our prayers.  

2. When praying, it is not enough that God listens to our supplications; what is  more important is that we will in the process manage to “listen” to what God is trying to tell us. In other words, prayer is a conversation.   

3. When praying, do away with the “chronos” but be more reflective with the “Kairos,” meaning, it is always about “His” time not our own set of expectations.

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