We refuse to see the sign

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Herman Suico SVD (Philippines)

Almost everytime we watch the news, our senses are bombarded with images of   massive floods, powerful storms, melting glaciers, suffocating pollution, disastrous   harvests, record—breaking heat waves, massive forest fires. The list of bad news goes on.   

The majority of the world‘s scientists who studied the earth from outer space to   the deepest ocean, from arid deserts to the polar caps, and from everything in between   have concluded that if we do not do some drastic measures to change the way we  are abusing our planet and its resources, we are rushing headlong toward a climactic   disaster.  

Yet some of our leaders are still asking for additional proof. They are reluctant   to take the bitter pill. They fear they might lose their country‘s industrial power and   the massive economic cost those drastic measures would entail. They procrastinate   even with the knowledge that delay brings us closer to ecological disaster of epic  proportions.   

We are an evil generation. We refuse to see the signs around us. God has given us this earth, a beautiful, bountiful earth that has nurtured and protected our life. God has  commanded us to care for this earth, the only Iife-nurturing habitat for us. But we have   desecrated it, we are slowly destroying our only home. When will we learn? 

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