I choose to forgive

The WORD in Other Words by Sr Ancille Elvena SSpS (Philippines)

Monday Week 2 Lent 
Daniel 9,4-10
Luke 6,36-38

 “O Lord, we are shamefaced, like our kings, our princes, and our fathers, for   having sinned against you. But yours, O Lord are compassion and forgiveness!” (Dn 4:6—9).   

A story goes about a king who went out hunting and accidentally shot a village boy killing him instantly. Although it was an accident, the king acknowledged his responsibility and was ready to accept whatever the boy‘s family would impose on him as a punishment. 

He called his people to gather in his palace. On the right side of a prepared table, he put all his gold and documents regarding his possessions and on the left side a sword. Motioning to the grieving parents to come forward, he told them to choose between his possessions and his death as payment for the death of their son. 

The father looked up to his king and said, “O King, if I get all your gold and   possessions, my son will still be dead. If I take the sword in order to take your life my son will not rise from his grave. I choose to forgive you.”   

I choose to forgive you! “Father, forgive them…” (Lk 23,34) “Yours, O Lord are  compassion and forgiveness!” (Dn.9,4)  

I think of all those who have hurt me/my family/those whom I love, etc… and I pray in my heart, “In the power of our God, who has forgiven me and will not hesitate  to forgive me out of love and mercy, I choose to forgive you.”   

I pray that hatred may not overcome our society and our world, but, that God‘s  enduring and merciful love may heal all wounds. 

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