The road to humility, or impunity

Moments in Philippine Daily Inquirer by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

The story is told about an elderly who was tired of his nagging wife, so much so that he planned to shoplift, with the intention of being caught, then sent to jail, to be away from the wife, and forever live in peace. Guess what? When the judge heard his case, due to his old age, the poor fellow was sentenced to house arrest!

In today’s Gospel (Lk. 13, 1-9), Jesus urges us to true repentance. “If you do not repent, you will all perish as they did.” Like the elderly man in our story, we, too, may be in a worse situation than before if we do not truly repent.

The Gospel today urges us not to postpone our conversion, our going back to the Lord. We are supposed to bear fruit, and not just exhaust the soil. Like the fruitless fig tree, may we not be cut down. There is a time for reckoning for everyone.

There is, however, a “grace period” that is given to us by our merciful God. As it were, there is no expiry date to God’s compassion and forgiveness. Our sins are like just a drop of water in the ocean of God’s mercy! Having said that, may we take the road of humility and find our way to God’s heart. The road of humility brings us home. The presumption of impunity brings us to endless wandering, and gloom.

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