God and my dentist

Moments in Philippine Daily Inquirer by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

Save the tooth! My dentist, Dr. Roby Montellano, an ex-seminarian (XVD), told me that present-day dentists will go all the way and exhaust all means to save a tooth. Whereas before, extraction was the name of the game, now dentists go for preservation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation. It is the same with God, who goes out of His way just to save us!

Doctor Roby also told me that our teeth do affect each other! When a tooth is being treated, the neighboring teeth are also taken into consideration. One decaying tooth can cause other teeth to decay.

You and I know that a dentist can do nothing unless we open our mouth. God, too, can do nothing with us unless we open our heart to Him. Unless we are open, God’s grace cannot operate in us. Only if we are humble and honest can we be open to His grace.

Sharing with you this beautiful prayer:

“Lord, here I am. You know me. You know everything about me. Do whatever You want with me, I will obey.  Trim me, prune me, but please don’t cut me, for apart from You, I am nothing and can do nothing worthy. Amen!”

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