Journeying together

Moments in Philippine Daily Inquirer by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

In Luke 13,1-9, Jesus tells us that our focus in our journey to God should be on God, and not on each other. We should not compare ourselves to others because our journey to God’s heart is neither a race nor a contest. Let us not elbow each other out for there is room for everyone in God’s big heart.

* * *

There is a thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness. The former is focused on God, while the latter is focused more on the self. Go ahead, please be righteous, but please, please, don’t be self-righteous. How do we know if we are righteous or self-righteous? If we are truly humble, we will know.

* * *

The race is on! With the elections nearing, expect all sorts of maneuvers and tactics by the candidates to outdo and outrun each other. That is expected, and maybe even normal, in the ways of politics in our country. Having said that, we add that still, we expect everyone to play the game fair and square. We must strongly say: No to guns, goons and gold.

* * *

Jesus underlines in Luke 13,1-9 that the test of our spirituality is that it bears fruit in our daily lives. Just as the fig tree is expected to bear fruit and not just occupy space, let us ask ourselves today: Am I bearing fruit? Am I living a life that is pleasing to God, and that is of help and service to others?

* * *

God is a patient God. He is a God who waits, a God who gives everyone a second chance and countless opportunities for us to grow and improve ourselves. However, there are limits. We cannot and should not abuse the love and generosity of God. Let us not put God to the test. Let us meet Him halfway. Let us not be stubborn and proud of heart. Yes, if today we hear His voice, let us not harden our hearts!

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