The truth amidst “many truths”

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Edgardo Bugtong SVD (Taiwan)

Wednesday 5th Week of Lent

Daniel 3:14-20, 91-92, 95 
John 8,31-42 

What is truth? How do we know the truth? These are questions we need to ask   when fake news, fake truth (an ironic term), half-truths are all over the internet. Truth is becoming difficult to recognize when fake news hide the truth with the intention to deceive or brainwash.   

So, how can we know the truth? 

First, find reliable sources — those that have   established good reputation and have stood the test of time. Jesus is the Truth and we need to go back to His message very often to benchmark our “truth.” A retreat master   once suggested that in discerning the truth, one may ask the question, “How will Jesus  act on the issue/matter if he is with us at this very moment?” Jesus‘ way of proceeding   is one good basis for gauging the truth.   

Second, examine the consistency of the apparent goal and dig deeper. If there   is a hidden agendum, most likely the truth 1s far from here. Jesus has always been   consistent in His message and very clearly, he has but one goal. When faced by Scribes  and Pharisees and danger or death was apparent, he could have simply altered His   truth to save himself. But he did not. Convenient or inconvenient, risky or not, he   stood his ground. Real truth is unalterable.   

All of us are presented with many “truths” and at times we find it difficult to distinguish which one is real and which one is not. The best measure we can have though is to ask ourselves: If Jesus is with us, what will he say? Let us listen to him.

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