The best of Jesus will remain with us

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Anthony Ibarra Fabella SVD (Philippines)

There is no ugly child to a loving mother.   

Offering one‘s pains while on one‘s deathbed for all suffering people in the world.   

Spending some time with a sick neighbor.   

Parents not giving up on their child when something goes wrong.   

Husband and wife sharing love in good and in bad times.   

Giving generously to people who don‘t even know how to say Thank You.   

Giving alms to a mother and a malnourished child without even thinking whether  they are controlled by a syndicate or not.   

Not giving up on people who have been enslaved by the power of illegal drugs.   

Forgiving someone who just killed a loved one.   

Being patient with someone who never understands.   

Always looking for a way to reconcile even when the other refuses to respond.   

Being gentle to people who have always been harsh.   

Carrying a sick stranger on one‘s shoulder . 

Not giving up on the capacity to love even if one just gets a nasty attitude in return.   

Jesus‘ great love continues to be expressed today.   

As long as there are people who know how to love, to be merciful, to be forgiving,  to be patient, to be selfless, to be gentle, to understand, and to sacrifice. As long as  there are people who follow Christ‘s heart as their model, the best of Jesus will remain with us, always giving us hope for a better world.   

LOVE is the word for the rest of the week. But let us not let the holiness of this Week stop on Easter Sunday. Let love reign in our hearts as long as we live.

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