Meeting the Risen Lord in our places

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Joey Ruega SVD (Philippines)

Monday in the Octave of Easter

Acts of the Apostles 2:14, 22-33
Matthew 28:8-15 

The joy of seeing the risen Lord can’t be contained; it must be shared. And this is the experience of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary in our gospel today. They became bearers of the good news and instructed the Apostles to go back and meet the risen Lord in Galilee. This was the place where the apostles were called by Jesus and who eventually left everything and followed Him.

This is the same message of the gospel for us today. We do not need to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem or to Rome just to find and experience the risen Lord. He is there in our homes, workplaces, schools, everywhere. If we cannot find Him in these places, we won’t find him in Jerusalem or Rome either. It is up to us to sustain and share the Easter experience wherever we are.

Like the two Marys in our gospel today, we should remain bearers and witnesses of the good news of the resurrectionbecause Jesus’ resurrection as the central mystery of our faith is a source of ourhope and inspiration. Moreover, if we truly believe that Jesus is alive it must be manifested in our words and actions – in our day to day life.

We continue to pray that through our faith in the resurrection, we may radiate hope to our brothers and sisters especially those who are in doubt and in despair. May the risen Lord enlighten their hearts and minds that they too will experience the Easter joy in their lives.

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