How to recognise the presence of the risen Lord in our midst

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Nelson Barbarona SVD (Japan)

Tuesday in the Octave of Easter

Acts of the Apostle 2:36-41 
John 20:11-18 

Perhaps Mary of Magdala had preoccupied herself with the thought that the body   of Jesus was in the tomb. In her sorrow, perhaps she really focused her attention inside   the tomb that she hardly recognized Jesus outside of it.   

Similarly, in our busy lives, we are too preoccupied with work—related stress and pressures.  Sometimes we forget the people who helped us realize our dreams and aspirations   until they are gone — for which we regret.   

When Jesus called her “Mary,” she realized that it was Jesus her ” Teacher.” (Sorry Lord, I thought you were the gardener.) A defining moment for Mary to meet the risen Lord, it made her overcome sorrow and fear, I believe Mary joyfully announced to the Apostles, “I have seen the Lord!”   

In our generation, how often do we meet Jesus in our daily lives, not just during Christmas Season or in the Resurrection, but in our daily activities? We only need  time, space, and some moments of silence to recognize that Jesus is with us. Jesus is in the person we meet and talk. He is in the person whom we ignore, hate, curse,   laugh at, cry with, or love. 

For as long as we use our “eyes of faith, ” we will never run   out of hope that in the end, we will see God face to face and be able to share in His   everlasting glory and joy.   Do we recognize the presence of the Lord in His word, in the Eucharist, and in the  church, the body of Christ?

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