How to recognise the risen Lord in our midst

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Titus Mananzan SVD (Philippines)

After Jesus‘ death, His apostles and disciples felt their world had collapsed. They were expecting Jesus the Messiah, whom they believed was going to restore the kingdom of Israel, to deliver them, but he died on the cross. 


This was the same feeling  experienced by the two disciples on their way home to Emmaus. They were so sad and consumed by disappointment that they did not even recognize Jesus when they met him. They only recognized Jesus when He explained from the Scriptures who the real Messiah was, and in the breaking of bread. Suddenly their hearts were burning with   joy and hope.   


We have our own experience of “Emmaus” in our life. The feeling of   discouragement and disappointment make us lose hope. At such times we should turn  to the Bible where the Lord can speak to us. The Bible is the bread of life. 


One of   the reasons why we are easily discouraged, or we easily falter in times of trials and   temptations, is because we are not sustained and strengthened by the Word of God. We   read the Bible not because it is our duty but because we love the Lord.   


Before our Lord Jesus Christ died, he left us a sign of His love, the Eucharist. At   the Last Supper he took bread and said, “This is my body which will be given up for   you” and He took the cup, “This is the cup of my blood…. Do this in memory of me.”   


So when we feel sad, as if nobody loves us, we focus on the consecration part of the Mass. Jesus is telling us, “Remember I died for you because I love you.”   May the reading of the Bible and participating in the Eucharist lead us to an  “Emmaus experience.” 

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