Why did Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to announce the resurrection?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jimmy Sales SVD (Philippines)

Saturday in the Octave of Easter

Acts 4:13-21 
Mark 16:9-15

In the patriarchal and patricentric society, in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene belonged, women were not given importance. They were not heard, much less given the right to speak their mind, especially for a public sinner like Mary Magdalene, from  whom seven demons were driven out by Jesus. Who would ever believe her when she  announced that Jesus who was crucified was alive? Nobody did. 

Mary Magdalene,  according to the standards of her society, did not have the moral ascendancy to announce the resurrection of Jesus. But not for Jesus. When Jesus freed Mary from the seven   demons everything which was destroyed in her was restored by Jesus, including his trust and confidence in her. That is why when Jesus met Magdalene on the morning of his resurrection, he did not hesitate to commission her to announce to his disciples that he is risen. 

Of all the people in Jesus‘ circle of friends it was Mary Magdalene who became the first witness of the resurrection. She was the first one to be commissioned   by Jesus to announce such good news. 

This story of Mary gives us encouragement to trust in the power of God‘s mercy and love. After forgiving us, He gives us a chance  to mend our ways and participate in His mission of proclaiming the good news of His resurrection that brings salvation. The story of Mary Magdalene only proves to us that  nobody is beyond redemption, that the power of God‘s forgiveness knows no limits  and boundaries.

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