Not just for the weekend

Moments by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

The story is told that Joseph of Arimathea was asked why he lent his tomb for Jesus to be buried in. His response was: “His disciples told me that they will use it just for the weekend.”

In the Gospel according John 20, 19-31, we hear how the Risen Lord appeared to His disciples on the evening of the first day of that Easter weekend, and a week later, appeared again to them. He is risen! Indeed, the tomb was just for the weekend, but the Resurrection is for life, and Easter goes on.

“Peace be with you.” Three times the Risen Lord greeted His disciples with peace in today’s Gospel. This is also our Lord’s greeting to us today who are burdened with so much worries, guilt and anxieties. Now, more than ever, may the message of Easter—peace, hope and joy—be experienced and spread by us all, in our own way. The tomb is just for the weekend, but the mission for the Risen Lord is for our keeping, and for spreading.

Where were you, what were you doing, and what were your thoughts when an earthquake visited us about 5:11 p.m. on April 22? How short and fragile life is! When Mother Nature speaks, we realize how little we are, and when God jolts us, let us really listen, and let us not be proud.

We will hold our midterm elections two weeks from now. This is one area of our lives that needs redemption. The forces of darkness and evil are still operating deep and wide. We are an Easter people. We are children of the light. Let us pray hard, and work together to make Easter a reality in the coming elections.

“Nec laude, nec timore…” Neither with favor nor by fear should we be silenced from proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Let us not allow money, fear, intimidations and cheating to deprive us of our true freedom to elect the best of leaders to serve us.  Let us be courageous and vigilant, and not allow the forces of darkness and evil to put off the light in us.

May is the month of Mama Mary. Let us not forget her who loved Jesus most, and who loves us all. We consecrate our families, our country and our people to Mary, our Mother and model. Let us ask Mama Mary to help us get over the drought and the oppressive heat that are affecting many of our people for the past weeks already.

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