Do not be afraid!

The WORD in Other Words by Bro Jong Jacela SVD (Philippines)

Saturday 2nd Week of Easter

Acts 6:1-7 
John 6:16-21 

I joined the Boy Scout Jamboree when I was in First Year High. As we were  hiking towards the campsite, I somehow strayed away from my platoon. I was afraid,   knowing that I was alone in an unfamiliar terrain, amongst vicious creatures lurking around and maybe planning to have me for dinner. Luckily, I heard my platoon leader‘s  whistle and I found my way.   

In the Gospel, the disciples encountered big waves and strong winds in the ocean  and then saw a person they didn‘t recognize at first walking on the water. That must  have freaked them out.

In our life‘s journey, we experience being confronted with many problems (like the big waves and strong winds experienced by the disciples at sea) that make us feel alone, anxious, distressed, depressed, angry, powerless, abandoned, unwanted or even unloved. Sometimes, we even lose our faith in God and question His significance in our life. 

The disciple’s fear and anxiety dissipated when Jesus told them not to be afraid, “It is I.” In the same way, Jesus is telling us not to be afraid and trust Him.  Whatever we are going through in life, we should not lose sight of Him. Even in our  darkest and most trying times, we should not despair and think that God has forsaken  us, because actually, He never leaves us. 

Our prayers may not be answered according  to what we want, but if we put our faith and trust in Him, He will lead us to the right path. 

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