How to accomplish the works of God

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Gerry Donato SVD (Philippines) for Monday 3rd Week of Easter

Acts 6:8-15 
John 6:22-29 

Is there any formal school to help us accomplish the works of God? What  preparations do we need”?   

The early disciples were fishermen and ordinary people. All they needed to accomplish much for God was their simple faith and their commitment to follow the Lord faithfully in their lives.   

This is precisely what the reading of today calls us to do — to accomplish the works of the Lord through our simple faith. Faith is a gift from God that should be used, shared and lived up to accomplish the wonderful plans that God has for us and for the world. It is not a gift that remains unwrapped and kept somewhere till it is old and is no longer useful.   

Having a good prayer life is a sign of deep faith. Prayer is a good tool to accomplish the many good things we need in life, like, peace in our country and in our family, better opportunities for the poor, and good health for each one. Let us pray too that others may fulfil! their needs in their lives. 

Ultimately, it is the Lord who answers our prayer; he knows what is best for each one of us. When the disciples asked the Lord.   “What can we do to accomplish the work of God?” the Lord answered, “This is the  work of God, that you believe in the one he sent.”   

Today, let us try to reflect on the state of our faith and our prayer life? Do we pray  to accomplish only what we need? Do we pray for others? Indeed, we can accomplish so much if we only try to help each other, and more importantly, to pray for each other.   Are we ready to do that?

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