Source of Jesus’ credibility

The WORD in Other Words by Bro Carl Milos Bulihan SVD (Philippines)

Tuesday Week 3 Easter 
Acts 7:51—8:1a
John 6:30-35

In one seminar I attended, the main speaker introduced himself to the participants:   his name, educational background, work experiences, professional achievements and many other information about himself. The speaker was an experienced banker based in Canada and a consultant to many financial institutions around the globe. Everybody in the hall was so impressed with his qualifications. However, it took him almost half  an hour to do it. At the end of his self—introduction, he apologized, “Sorry everyone   for my long introduction. I just have to sell myself to you, so that you will believe in what I will be talking to you for the next days.”   

For people to be credible, they need to present evidence to prove that they have   the qualification to do the task they are expected to do. In applying for a job, applicants need a Curriculum Vitae or a summary of their educational and work backgrounds to   show that they can be trusted. 

In the Gospel story today, the crowd asks Jesus for his  “qualifications” before they would believe in Him. Jesus‘ unexpected answer amazes   the crowd. Jesus “qualification ” is not based on what he has done and achieved. His only qualification is that He is “the true bread from heaven,” the Son of God. 

If a person is the Son of God, what else can we ask for?  With grace, we trust Him. In our experience, as we are united with Jesus in the Eucharist, so do we find inner peace and security.   No need to worry because we believe that with Jesus, things will be alright.

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