For those who believe

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Roberto Aldo SVD (Germany)

Thursday Week 3 Easter, Acts 8:26-40, John 6:44-51

Bread is staple food for Westerners, in as much as rice is for us Filipinos. The   Germans alone have hundred sorts of bread you could choose from according to your  taste. To millions of people around the world, bread is something very common and  ordinary, nothing special.   

Jesus, talking to the Jews in the synagogue in Capernaum before and to us now,  speaks of himself as the bread of life that comes down from heaven. Further he claims that this bread is his own flesh, and that whoever believes and eats it will live forever. 

Now, that is something very special, absolutely extraordinary and beyond human comprehension. The Jews asked and maybe many people today: “But how is it possible? How can this man give us his flesh to eat” and live forever?   

Jesus demands belief in his words and in his person as the Son of God coming from God the Father. Faith is therefore the key to understanding his message, “.. whoever believes has eternal life.” Do you really believe in Jesus as the Son of God? Do you  really believe in what he says? 

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