5 reasons of being called to be shepherds

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Felix Ferrer SVD (Philippines)

4th Sunday Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday, Acts 13:14, 42-52, Revelations 7:9, 14b,-17, John 10:27-30

 Some of us, the sheep, are called to be shepherds. Here are five reasons   why:  

1) People today can get lost in many ways — addictions, pornography, unsatisfying relationships, financial anxiety, suicidal despair. The work of the community of the disciples is to bring the word and the love of God to those points of the journey where we are most lost.   

2) The compassion of God has sometimes not been mirrored in the Christian community ‘s approach to people when they are at their lowest. Jesus‘ heart goes out to all, especially those in greatest need, because nobody can steal anyone from God —and nobody can steal God‘s love from anyone.   

3) The call today is to give as best as we can of ourselves; in sharing love and compassion, kindness and goodness, we lead others to God.   

4) The Good Shepherd has made shepherds out of the sheep. Only because we are at times lost ourselves can we lead others home. We are in a partnership with God and with each other in our own way.   

5) This is the meaning of Vocations Sunday. A vocation in the Christian sense is  to take part in God‘s work of saving his people and guiding them when they get “lost.”   God calls us to be guiding lights, even when at times we lost, and found again, the way on our journey to Him. We are those that need to be guided and be guides as well. 

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