Mission sans frontières (Mission without limits)

A short video that captures the dedication of Divine Word Missionaries to bring the Good News to all places

Mission without limits features some journeys to the far flung villages of the SVD Mission in Beno, in the Province of Bandundu, Congo made by our Divine Word Missionary, Fr Kornelius Puka SVD. Watch the video to see the actual challenges and joyful fulfilment of an SVD missionary in action.

Missions sans frontières (Mission without limits): A short documentary video of some visits of Fr Konerlius Puka SVD in Mission Catholic Beno, Province of Bandundu, Congo, Africa.

Fr Kornerius Puka SVD has from Indonesia. As a seminarian, he went to the Philippines (in Mindanao) for his cross cultural missionary training in 2002-2004. After his ordination, in 2006, he came to Congo, Africa as a missionary.

Fr Kornelius is a gifted musician and has produced video clips of his original compositions in Kikongo, one of the national languages of Congo. Visit to SVD Congo You Tube account to know more about the missionary services of Divine Word Missionaries in Congo, Africa.

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