The peace of the Lord Jesus

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Gil Alejandria SVD (Philippines)

Tuesday 5th Week of Easter

Acts 14:19-28, John 14:27-31a

In Philippine history, there was a time called “Peace Time” that referred to the   time between World War 1 and World War 2. Peace was understood as the absence or   stoppage of warfare between nations. The peace that the world gives is often attained   when one military force proves itself superior to another so as to remove the other‘s   capacity to wage war. It is a peace gained through violence, intimidation, and fear.  

According to Jesus, peace would mean one‘s heart is not troubled or afraid. Trials and challenges in life should not worry us when we are fully confident in a God who is always there to protect and guide us. This was my attitude, and I‘m sure it is shared  by many missionaries, that when we go in our missionary journeys, there should be no fear, worries, or anxieties in our hearts. 

I remember the times when I was in Mindoro   traveling through rough and dangerous mountain roads or going by boat through  stormy seas. I always thought that I was there doing God‘s work and that God would   see to it that the mission was accomplished by keeping His missionary safe from harm.   It was a complete surrendering to God‘s will and trust in His Divine Providence. 

This   attitude inevitably brings about peace of mind and serene acceptance of God‘s will.   Our hearts will not be troubled or afraid because we know that the Father is there with  us wherever we labor in His vineyard. The Peace of the Lord be always with us! 

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