Connected with Jesus

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Gerardo Jazmin SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday Week 5 Easter, Acts 15:1-6, John 15:1-8

One day my mother sent my elder brother and me to go up a mountain for an errand. We went but we didn‘t realize that it was already getting dark. As we were   coming down from the mountain, it was already completely dark. I remember what   my brother told me, “Don‘t separate from me, otherwise you might get lost. Stay and remain close to me.”   

In today‘s Gospel, Jesus tells us that we must never separate from him. Rather we  must stay close and connected with him. He assures us that if we really remain with  him there is nothing at all to be worried or feared in life. Believing in Jesus‘ words will surely make us find the true meaning of our life on earth. But Jesus challenges us   that if we want to remain in Him, we must bear fruit, for “He takes away every branch  that does not bear fruit…”   

It is important to know that as long as we remain connected with Jesus and   focused on Him, we will always have the assurance of bearing good and lasting fruit   His strength becomes ours but as soon as we turn our back on him, our strength begins to drain away. Our relationship with the Lord is being snatched by our busy lives.   God comes last instead of being our priority in life.   We may have many “other concerns” but God must always be the number one, for   Jesus assured us,” Whatever you ask in prayer it shall be given to you.”  

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