Love until death

The WORDS in Other Words by Fr Florencio Lagura SVD (USA)

Friday 5th Week of Easter

Acts 15:22-31, Jn 15:12-17

“… till death do us part,” came from the young bride‘s mouth with all her heart on   the day the lovely Juanita married Pedro, her childhood sweetheart. Everyone believed   the two would live “happily ever after.” But sad to say, such was not the case. Ten   years and seven children later the once loving man turned out to be lazy, a drunkard,  skirt-chaser and wife/child beater. 

Relatives, including her own children begged her to leave her man. Juanita   refused, leaving everyone shaking their heads in utter disbelief. She said she could   never leave the man she had vowed to love and live with her whole life through.   

In her sadness she looked at the crucified Lord: the story of a man—God who loved   till his own death kept the fire within her burning.  And miracles do happen. Pedro fell seriously sick, and in his weakened state had   to rely solely on his wife who kept to herself the words of her marriage vows, “in   richer and in poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.” Juanita nursed   him, and received the reward of a dying husband who thanked her for being faithful.  

In her own simple, others would call it simplistic, faith, the woman of courage   followed the Lord‘s words to love others, including and especially her husband who  had been a big disappointment.   

In the golden years of her life Juanita enjoys being with her children, including   many grandchildren in their modest yet comfortable homes in warm and sunny  Crestview, Florida. Hers is a shining example of loving others and wishing their  ultimate good just as Christ did. Like Him, Juanita loved till death. 

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