Why Jesus left his disciples?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Carlos Lariosa SVD (Philippines)

Tuesday 6th Week of Easter

Acts 16:22-34, John 16:5-11

An elderly father wanted to prepare his three sons for his impending death. One   day he called the three of them and asked each one to find something that would ease  his aching heart and make him remember them.   

The eldest took him to Singapore for a pleasant vacation; the second took him to  Palawan to enjoy a few days at Dos Palmas. The youngest son, still a student, invited his father to go out with him on an easy afternoon walk toward the mountain side.  As they walked slowly, they were reminiscing the good old days, and laughing their hearts out until there were tears in their eyes. After the walk, the father said to the   youngest son, “Son, thank you very much. You have given me a lasting gift that my   heart will treasure and remember you by.”   

Parting is usually a sad thing. In our gospel, Jesus himself sensed the sadness of  parting which his disciples felt. He assured them that his leaving them was for the  best of all. For going back to the Father was the awaited signal for the coming of  the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Advocate would come to convict the world for not   believing in Him. Jesus would also be with us always till the end of the world as he   promised. 

The coming of the Holy Spirit actually resulted in something spectacular,   like the conversion of three thousand people, and the transformation of the disciples   from being cowards to becoming courageous martyrs. 

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