Jesus gifts the Spirit of Truth

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jonathan Letada SVD (Philippines)

Wednesday 6th Week of Easter

Acts 17:15, 22-18:1, Jn 16:12-15

We are bearers of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in us. He gives life, the very life   of God. He gives us courage and perseverance. He strengthens us in faith, hope and   love. This is the truth that the Holy Spirit revealed in our hearts.   

How many of us truly know the Holy Spirit? How many of us truly give witness  to his powerful and transformative presence in our lives?   

The gospel speaks about Jesus‘ promise of the gifting of the Holy Spirit together  with his identity and role in our Christian living. His identity is a Spirit of truth because  he guides us to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the truths revealed by  Jesus: 

(1) God is true to his promise and will fulfill it in the fullness of time; 

(2) God   himself is the Truth and he is the only source of the truth; and 

(3) God loves friendship  and intimacy. 

This is the truth that matters most in our lives.

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