Miracles of love

The WORD in Other Words by Sr Tessa Artita SSpS (Philippines)

Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary, filled with the Good News hastened to visit Elizabeth, her cousin, who was   about to give birth in her old age. And there was a meeting of two magnificent women   filled with awe and gratitude for the miracle of Love in their lives: Mary, the young   Virgin, experiencing the mystery of the God of Love that makes the Word of God   incarnate in her; Elizabeth, experiencing the mystery of God‘s love to create new life   in her womb past her child—bearing age. Indeed a meeting of two grateful women who   both recognized the loving hand of God in their lives.   

Elizabeth, overjoyed to welcome Mary whose visit had indeed a powerful effect   on her, spoke out from her heart of the blessedness of Mary and the blessed fruit of   her womb Jesus. Her proclamation of the power of God‘s love in Mary was divinely   inspired — “she was filled with the Holy Spirit.” Can we be like Elizabeth who can   see the blessedness of the other and allow this to make us sensitive to God‘s wonders?   

Mary responded with praises for the greatness of the Lord, the fidelity of God to   this promise for her. Hers was a grateful response to the special grace of God — “My   spirit rejoices in God, my Savior.” Mary‘s joyful song was her personal expression of   worship to God who had chosen and used her as an instrument of love for His people.   Can we allow this mystery of love at the Visitation of Mary to touch us deeply that we  may be able to see the traces of God‘s hand creating a miracle of life in us?   

Two simple and humble women divinely inspired to proclaim with joy God‘s  miracle of love as bearers of The Word! 

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