What will you ask the Father?

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Carlos Macatanga SVD (Canada)

Saturday 6th Week of Easter

Acts 18:23-28, 16:23b-28

During our End of the Year Mass, I asked the congregation if they would like to   ask for the gift of peace for themselves, for their families, communities and for the   world. Almost everyone said yes. So I told them to open their hands and receive the   gift of peace. They did. What else do you want to ask for? Good health? Open your   hands and receive the gift of good health! What else? More money for 2018? I told   them, “Well, you already received the gift of peace and the gift of good health, what   you need to do is to start working and chances are you will make more money!”   

If you are given the chance to ask for anything, what will you ask for? Peace,   health, money, unity, patience… — What will you ask the Father? Pope Emeritus   Benedict when asked the same question responded: “I will ask God to be merciful in   judging me.” He will not ask for things that are transitory, he will ask for the thing  that really matters: one that will lead to eternal life! How many of us would think of   eternal life if given the chance to ask for anything?   

As we continue our Easter journey, let us ask the Risen Lord to help us value the  things that really matter and to ask for that which we truly need for our salvation so that our joy may indeed be complete.

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