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Moments in Sunday Inquirer, Ascension of the Lord 2019

The story is told about a wife who sternly told her husband who was outside, watering the plants: “After you water the plants, come inside. I want to talk to you about something I saw on your cell phone.” According to the story, it has been four days already, and the husband is still outside, watering the plants.

Today is Ascension Sunday. In today’s Gospel (Lk. 24, 46-53), our Lord Jesus Christ was taken up to heaven, leaving behind to His disciples the mandate to preach the Good News to all nations. They were, so to speak, to continue “watering the plants.”

Our Lord did not leave His disciples orphaned. He empowered them with power from on high. We all will leave someday. May our leaving not be empty, and may we empower those we leave behind. Do you have an exit plan? May our goodness and good deeds not end with us in the grave.

In the Ascension, the Lord, so to speak, leveled up, and the disciples, in turn, moved on. A true leader is one who lifts up and empowers his/her constituents. Sad to say, many of our so-called public servants just enrich and empower themselves and their families.

Tomorrow is ascension day for many of our students who will go back to school to pursue their hopes and dreams for a better future. We are one with them, and we also thank their parents, guardians and teachers for all their hard work and sacrifices to empower them.

Part of our Ascension mandate is that of lifting up people. How far easier it is to put down people. Let us not get tired of cheering up, affirming and encouraging people we encounter. So, are you a lifter, or a downer? It’s your choice. It’s your call.

By the way, today is World Communications Day. Let us continue communicating the Good News to all creation. Each of us, in his/her own way, can give joy and hope to people around us. Let us be bearers of good news, and be good news ourselves.

Let us remember and pray for our missionaries who have left home, country and family for the sake of the Gospel. Many of them experience deprivation, loneliness and even persecution. May the Lord be with them, and empower them to go on and persevere in their mission. Please remember that all of us are missionaries wherever we are, with a Master and with a mission.

Think about this: “Faith is more powerful than sight because our sight can describe our situation, but faith can move and direct us to our destination.”

We believe that our Lord who ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father will come again someday. This is our faith. Foolish. As they say, to those with faith, no explanation is necessary, and to those without faith, no explanation is possible. Faith be with you!

We pray for the grace to “ascend” and rise above problems and obstacles we encounter in our journey. Let us not be downcast nor discouraged. Let us raise our heads up high because our Lord has promised that He is always with us, and He will not leave us orphans.

Thought for the journey: “Worrying causes you to stress about the problem you may never have in the first place. Stop thinking of the worst. God has already worked it out.”

A moment with the Lord:

Lord, empower us with Your truth, and help us to do our mission to spread the Good News to all creation. Amen.

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  1. so blessed to read all of these they gave me Spiritual enlightenment and I share these to are in need. God bless father Orbos.

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