How Jesus reveals God to us

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Lino Nicasio SVD (Philippines)

Tuesday 7th Week of Easter

Acts 20:17-27, Jn 17:1-11a

Our word choices reveal a lot about our personality. The Scriptures are the revealed   Word of God, where we read and fathom what God discloses to us about Himself.   

Turning to the gospel, we encounter Jesus‘ words actually revealing who He is   and who the Father is. 

First, Jesus reveals that He is indeed the Son of God, existing   co—eternally with the Father, and the author and giver of life. 

Second, Jesus Christ   was sent by the Father to save humanity — for which the Father gives the Son glory,   as the Son does likewise to the Father, forever. We are greatly assured that the Jesus   whom we have chosen to follow is not just a “great teacher, nor just a prophet,” but   the Son of God, God Himself with no beginning and no end. 

This revelation should   serve to increase our faith and devotion to Jesus who is truly Lord of Lords, King of   Kings, and God Almighty   

And what about us who have decided to follow Jesus? Again, Jesus‘ words reveal   His great love for us: Jesus the Son of God prays for us, entrusts us with His and the   Father‘s word, and considers us His and the Father‘s possessions. And more: that   Jesus is glorified in His followers!   

Amazing revelations indeed, coming from the words of Jesus the Son of God.   There is no room for doubt here. Instead let our lives be such that they glorify Jesus,   by listening and keeping His word, and more importantly, living the word of Jesus   through our loving and dedicated service. 

Thank you Lord, for revealing your inner   self to us. To You and to the Father and the Holy Spirit be glory and praise forever.

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