Letting go of anger

The WORD in Other Words by Sr Mildred Arcos SSpS (Philippines)

Thursday Week 10 OT, 1 Cor 3:15-4:1, 3-6, Mt 5:20-26

Zeal and enthusiasm for the mission brought me to an island. I boarded an   ordinary boat with a 150—person capacity. With prayer and song in my heart I settled   gladly in one of the cots in a row and looked forward to my mission assignment.   

As the boat sailed on, I noticed a group of athletes in basketball uniforms.   They were drunk, pestering the passengers. One of them approached me, and later   rushed down the lower deck of the boat and fired his gun. Fear and panic gripped the passengers. I kept my calm, but I was angry. 

Mindful of what was happening I  prayed, “Lord, it is ok if I die as long as you forgive me. Amen.” Yes, in times like   this, I need to learn to let go of my anger, learn to forgive even if it pained me. By   forgiving, I experienced peace.   

Anger is a common human experience. Anger, according to Psychology, is one of   the root causes of mental illness. Am I ready to let go of my anger and to go beyond the   “Pharisees and Scribes” in me? Let us fill our hearts with the joy and peace of Jesus.

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  1. I am one person who easily gets angry. But because of years of learning the Word of God… im am slowly by God’s grace seeing myself as being changed. Like in todays Gospel in Matthew 5:21-25 whoever is angry wd his brother will be liable to judgement…:” Whoever says u fool will be liable to fiery Gehenna. Therefore f u bring ur gift….:” be reconciled wd ur bro….” Now God’s Word easily convicts me. Im now a more forgiving person and know how to accept when i am wrong & ask forgiveness too from those who may have hurt me.

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